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A draft annotation and overview of the human genome

-Wright, Fred A; Lemon, William J; Zhao, Wei D; Sears, Russell; Zhuo, Degen; Wang, Jian-Ping; Yang, Hee-Yung; Baer, Troy; Stredney, Don; Spitzner, Joe; Stutz, Al; Krahe, Ralf; Yuan, Bo BioMed Central (2015-09-16)

Reinforcement of genetic coherence in a two-locus model

-Gregorius, Hans-Rolf; Steiner, Wilfried BioMed Central (2015-09-16)

J C Prichard's concept of moral insanity--a medical theory of the corruption of human nature.

-Augstein, H F - (2016-04-01)

Evolution of gene fusions: horizontal transfer versus independent events

-Yanai, Itai; Wolf, Yuri I; Koonin, Eugene V BioMed Central (2015-09-19)

British medicine and its past at Queen Victoria's Jubilees and the 1900 centennial.

-Worboys, M - (2016-04-05)

A carcinogenic potency database of the standardized results of animal bioassays

-Gold, Lois Swirsky; Sawyer, Charles B.; Magaw, Renae; Backman, Georganne M.; De Veciana, Margarita; Levinson, Robert; Hooper, N. Kim; Havender, William R.; Bernstein, Leslie; Peto, Richard; Pike, Malcolm C.; Ames, Bruce N. - (2016-05-29)

The genetic structure of recombinant inbred mice: high-resolution consensus maps for complex trait analysis

-Williams, Robert W; Gu, Jing; Qi, Shuhua; Lu, Lu BioMed Central (2015-09-16)

Phenotypic mixing and hiding may contribute to memory in viral quasispecies

-Wilke, Claus O; Novella, Isabel S BioMed Central (2015-10-01)

Male reproductive health and environmental xenoestrogens.

-Toppari, J; Larsen, J C; Christiansen, P; Giwercman, A; Grandjean, P; Guillette, L J; Jensen, T K; J?gou, B; Jouannet, P; Keiding, N; Leffers, H; McLachlan, J A; Meyer, O; Rajpert-De Meyts, E; Scheike, T; M?ller, J; Sharpe, R; Sumpter, J; Skakkebaek, N E - (2016-05-16)

Classifying and assembling two-dimensional X-ray laser diffraction patterns of a single particle to reconstruct the three-dimensional diffraction intensity function: resolution limit due to the quantum noise

-Tokuhisa, Atsushi; Taka, Junichiro; Kono, Hidetoshi; Go, Nobuhiro International Union of Crystallography (2016-06-01)

Development, validity and responsiveness of the Clinical COPD Questionnaire

-van der Molen, Thys; Willemse, Brigitte WM; Schokker, Siebrig; ten Hacken, Nick HT; Postma, Dirkje S; Juniper, Elizabeth F BioMed Central (2015-09-26)

Aluminum in the Environment and Human Health

-Sorenson, John R. J.; Campbell, Irene R.; Tepper, Lloyd B.; Lingg, Robert D. - (2016-05-19)

Report on the Consensus Workshop on Formaldehyde.

-- - (2016-05-29)

Dose-response relationships for carcinogens: a review.

-Zeise, L; Wilson, R; Crouch, E A - (2016-05-19)

Equivalence of superspace groups

-van Smaalen, Sander; Campbell, Branton J.; Stokes, Harold T. International Union of Crystallography (2016-06-01)

cPath: open source software for collecting, storing, and querying biological pathways

-Cerami, Ethan G; Bader, Gary D; Gross, Benjamin E; Sander, Chris BioMed Central Ltd. (2015-09-19)

Eleven years of sexual discovery

-Sinclair, Andrew BioMed Central (2015-09-26)

A critical review of studies of the association between demands for hospital services and air pollution.

-Lipfert, F W - (2016-05-24)

Prosurvival AMBRA1 turns into a proapoptotic BH3-like protein during mitochondrial apoptosis

-Strappazzon, Flavie; Di Rita, Anthea; Cianfanelli, Valentina; D'Orazio, Melania; Nazio, Francesca; Fimia, Gian Maria; Cecconi, Francesco Taylor & Francis (2016-08-06)

Environmental occurrence, analysis, and toxicology of toxaphene compounds.

-de Geus, H J; Besselink, H; Brouwer, A; Klungsøyr, J; McHugh, B; Nixon, E; Rimkus, G G; Wester, P G; de Boer, J - (2016-05-28)