Background of Open-Repository

  • A vast amount of data is being created along with hardware development, superspeed network expansion, and development of advanced information technology.
  • In addition, sorting valuable datas and managing them systemetically is getting very important as data-driven research paradigm appeared due to the advent of the ubiquitous era.
  • However, datas of researchers are usually not reused because it is preserved and disappered at personal storage device such as PC, CD, or USB, along with difficulties in management.
  • therefore, platform that manages data created by researcher easily and allows reuse became necessary.
  • Open-Repository is oriented towards CLOUD environment for efficient data management and application.

Effect of introduction of Open-Repository

Researchers aspect
  • - Data can be easily submitted through a linkage with current system in possession from a institute where a reasearcher affiliated to.
  • - Systematic management and reuse of the data created by researchers is possible.
  • - Open-Repository can increase researcher's reputation by supporting global data publication and its citation.
Institution aspect
  • - Flexible infra building is possible for data management of a group or an institution where a researcher affiliated to.
  • - Data registration for global data handle server.
  • - Using a data possible to go public with sharing settings of researcher, a result of a researcher can be promoted both inside and outside.

System goal