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Fragmentation of decorin, biglycan, lumican and keratocan is elevated in degenerate human meniscus, knee and hip articular cartilages compared with age-matched macroscopically normal and control tissues

-Melrose, James; Fuller, Emily S; Roughley, Peter J; Smith, Margaret M; Kerr, Briedgeen; Hughes, Clare E; Caterson, Bruce; Little, Christopher B - BioMed Central Ltd. (2015-09-22)

Human infrapatellar fat pad-derived stem cells express the pericyte marker 3G5 and show enhanced chondrogenesis after expansion in fibroblast growth factor-2

-Khan, Wasim S; Tew, Simon R; Adesida, Adetola B; Hardingham, Timothy E - BioMed Central Ltd. (2015-09-22)

Lack of association or interactions between the IL-4, IL-4Rα and IL-13 genes, and rheumatoid arthritis

-Marinou, Ioanna; Till, Simon H; Moore, David J; Wilson, Anthony G - BioMed Central Ltd. (2015-09-22)