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VCSEL-based swept source for low-cost optical coherence tomography

Moon, Sucbei; Choi, Eun Seo- - - (2017)

Various levels of rapeseed meal in weaning pig diets from weaning tofinishing periods

Do, Sung Ho; Kim, Byeong Ock; Fang, Lin Hu; You, Dong Hyeon; Hong, Jin Su; Kim, Yoo Yong- - - (2017)

Vanillin Suppresses Cell Motility by Inhibiting STAT3-Mediated HIF-1alpha mRNA Expression in Malignant Melanoma Cells

Park, Eun-Ji; Lee, Yoon-Mi; Oh, Taek-In; Kim, Byeong Mo; Lim, Beong-Ou; Lim, Ji-Hong- - - (2017)

Vanillin Suppresses Cell Motility by Inhibiting STAT3-Mediated HIF-1alpha mRNA Expression in Malignant Melanoma Cells

Park, Eun-Ji; Lee, Yoon-Mi; Oh, Taek-In; Kim, Byeong Mo; Lim, Beong-Ou; Lim, Ji-Hong- - - (2017)

Valproic Acid Sensitizes Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cells to ProtonTherapy by Suppressing NRF2 Activation

Il Yu, Jeong; Choi, Changhoon; Shin, Sung-Won; Son, Arang; Lee, Ga-Haeng; Kim, Shin-Yeong; Park, Hee Chul- - - (2017)

Valproic Acid Induces Endocytosis-Mediated Doxorubicin Internalizationand Shows Synergistic Cytotoxic Effects in Hepatocellular CarcinomaCells

Saha, Subbroto Kumar/0000-0003-1325-3499; Cho,; Ssang-Goo/0000-0002-0968-7932; Saha, Subbroto Kumar; Yin, Yingfu; Kim, Kyeongseok; Yang, Gwang-Mo; Dayem, Ahmed Abdal; Choi, Hye Yeon; Cho, Ssang-Goo- - - (2017)

Validation of the revised piper fatigue scale in Koreans with chronichepatitis B

Jang, Yeonsoo/0000-0002-1898-025X; Lee, Kyunghwa/0000-0003-0210-9176; Jang, Yeonsoo; Kim, Jeong Hyun; Lee, Kyunghwa- - - (2017)

Validation of the Korean Version of the Mini-SleepQuestionnaire-Insomnia in Korean College Students

Kim, Hee-Ju/0000-0002-2127-3046; Kim, Hee-Ju- - - (2017)

Validation of selection accuracy for the total number of piglets born inLandrace pigs using genomic selection

Oh, Jae-Don; Na, Chong-Sam; Park, Kyung-Do- - - (2017)

UV irradiation to mouse skin decreases hippocampal neurogenesis andsynaptic protein expression via HPA axis activation

Lee, Darrall/0000-0002-6990-4441; Han, Mira; Ban, Jae-Jun; Bae, Jung-Soo; Shin, Chang-Yup; Lee, Dong Hun; Chung, Jin Ho- - - (2017)

Utilization of a Terrestrial Laser Scanner for the Calibration of MobileMapping Systems

Hong, Seunghwan/0000-0002-1891-8464; Hong, Seunghwan; Park, Ilsuk; Lee, Jisang; Lim, Kwangyong; Choi, Yoonjo; Sohn, Hong-Gyoo- - - (2017)

Utilization of a combined EEG/NIRS system to predict driver drowsiness

Ahn, Sangtae/0000-0001-9487-5649; JUN, SUNG CHAN/0000-0001-5357-4436; Thien Nguyen; Ahn, Sangtae; Jang, Hyojung; Jun, Sung Chan; Kim, Jae Gwan- - - (2017)

Utility-preserving anonymization for health data publishing

Lee, Hyukki; Kim, Soohyung; Kim, Jong Wook; Chung, Yon Dohn- - - (2017)

Usefulness of 10-2 Matrix Frequency Doubling Technology Perimetry forDetecting Central Visual Field Defects in Preperimetric GlaucomaPatients

Jung, Younhea; Park, Hae-Young L.; Park, Yi Ryeung; Park, Chan Kee- - - (2017)

Use of traditional herbal medicine as an alternative in dental treatmentin Mexican dentistry: a review

Cruz Martinez, Cindy; Diaz Gomez, Martha; Oh, Myung Sook- - - (2017)

Use of ethanol extracts of Terminalia chebula to prevent periodontaldisease induced by dental plaque bacteria

Lee, Jongsung; Nho, Youn Hwa; Yun, Seok Kyun; Hwang, Young Sun- - - (2017)

Ursodeoxycholic Acid Attenuates Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress-RelatedRetinal Pericyte Loss in Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Mice

Chung, Yoo-Ri; Choi, Jeong A.; Koh, Jae-Young; Yoon, Young Hee- - - (2017)

Urine to highly porous heteroatom-doped carbons for supercapacitor: Avalue added journey for human waste

Kang, Tong-Hyun/0000-0003-4292-2110; Yuan, Jinliang/0000-0003-0922-7132;; Chaudhari, Nitin/0000-0002-8324-577X; Yu, Jong-Sung/0000-0002-8805-012X; Razmjooei, Fatemeh; Singh, Kiranpal; Kang, Tong Hyun; Chaudhari, Nitin; Yuan, Jinliang; Yu, Jong-Sung- - - (2017)

Upregulation of prefrontal metabotropic glutamate receptor 5 mediatesneuropathic pain and negative mood symptoms after spinal nerve injury inrats

Chung, Geehoon/0000-0003-0771-4391; Kim, Sang Jeong/0000-0001-8931-3713; Chung, Geehoon; Kim, Chae Young; Yun, Yeong-Chan; Yoon, Sang Ho; Kim, Myoung-Hwan; Kim, Yu Kyeong; Kim, Sang Jeong- - - (2017)

Upregulation of interleukin-33 and thymic stromal lymphopoietin levelsin the lungs of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

Lee, Jong-Uk; Chang, Hun Soo; Lee, Hyeon Ju; Jung, Chang An; Bae, Da Jeong; Song, Hyun Ji; Park, Jong Sook; Uh, Soo-Taek; Kim, Young Hoon; Seo, Ki-Hyun; Park, Choon-Sik- - - (2017)