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Bredigite-structure orthosilicate phosphor as a green component forwhite LED: the structural and optical properties

IM, Won Bin/0000-0003-2473-4714; Lee, Kyoung Hwa; Park, Seung Hyok; Yoon, Ho Shin; Kim, Yong-Il; Jang, Ho Gyeom; Im, Won Bin- - - (2012)

Geosensor Data Representation Using Layered Slope Grids

Lee, Yongmi; Jung, Young Jin; Nam, Kwang Woo; Nittel, Silvia; Beard, Kate; Ryu, Keun Ho- - - (2012)

Prediction of Liver-Related Events Using Fibroscan in Chronic HepatitisB Patients Showing Advanced Liver Fibrosis

Choi, Eunhee/0000-0002-3449-0672; Kim, Seung Up; Lee, Ji Hoon; Kim, Do Young; Ahn, Sang Hoon; Jung, Kyu Sik; Choi, Eun Hee; Park, Young Nyun; Han, Kwang-Hyub; Chon, Chae Yoon; Park, Jun Yong- - - (2012)

Bright dual-mode green emission from selective set of dopant ions inbeta-Na(Y,Gd)F-4:Yb,Er/beta-NaGdF4:Ce,Tb core/shell nanocrystals

Jang, Ho Seong/0000-0002-2031-1303; Jang, Ho Seong; Woo, Kyoungja; Lim, Kipil- - - (2012)

Geraghty-type theorems in modular metric spaces with an application topartial differential equation

Kumam, Poom/0000-0002-5463-4581; Chaipunya, Parin; Cho, Yeol Je; Kumam, Poom- - - (2012)

Predictors for diabetic retinopathy in normoalbuminuric people with type2 diabetes mellitus

YOO, SOON JIB/0000-0002-9932-4130; Ra, Ho; Yoo, Ji Han; Ban, Woo Ho; Song, Ho Cheol; Lee, Seong Su; Kim, Sung Rae; Yoo, Soon Jib; Kim, Yong-Soo; Choi, Euy Jin; Kim, Yong Kyun- - - (2012)

Broadband and wide-angle distributed Bragg reflectors based on amorphousgermanium films by glancing angle deposition

Leem, Jung Woo/0000-0001-5008-2356; Leem, Jung Woo; Yu, Jae Su- - - (2012)

Glucocorticoid treatment independently affects expansion andtransdifferentiation of porcine neonatal pancreas cell clusters

Lee, Seung-Hwan/0000-0002-3964-3877; Park, Chung-Gyu/0000-0003-4083-8791; Kim, Ji-Won; Sun, Chenglin; Jeon, Sung-Yoon; You, Young-Hye; Shin, Ju-Young; Lee, Seung-Hwan; Cho, Jae-Hyoung; Park, Chung-Gyu; Yoon, Kim-Ho- - - (2012)

Preliminary tests of a damaged ship for CFD validation

Rhee, Shin Hyung/0000-0002-2791-5812; Lee, Sungkyun; You, Ji-Myoung; Lee, Hyun-Ho; Lim, Taegu; Rhee, Shin Hyung; Rhee, Key-Pyo- - - (2012)

Broadband electromagnetic cloaking with smart metamaterials

Park, Haesung/0000-0001-7007-7220; Park, Haesung/0000-0001-7007-7220; Shin, Dongheok; Urzhumov, Yaroslav; Jung, Youngjean; Kang, Gumin; Baek, Seunghwa; Choi, Minjung; Park, Haesung; Kim, Kyoungsik; Smith, David R.- - - (2012)

Glutaredoxin2 isoform b (Glrx2b) promotes RANKL-inducedosteoclastogenesis through activation of the p38-MAPK signaling pathway

Choi, Sik-Won/0000-0003-1726-2536; Yeon, Jeong-Tae; Choi, Sik-Won; Park, Kie-In; Choi, Min-Kyu; Kim, Jeong-Joong; Youn, Byung-Soo; Lee, Myeung Su; Oh, Jaemin- - - (2012)

Preparation of TiO2 nanotube/nanoparticle composite particles and theirapplications in dye-sensitized solar cells

Lee, Chang Hyo; Rhee, Seung Woo; Choi, Hyung Wook- - - (2012)

Broadband terahertz absorber realized by self-assembled multilayer glassspheres

Kim, Dae-Seon; Kim, Dong-Hyun; Hwang, Sehyun; Jang, Jae-Hyung- - - (2012)

GoBean: a Java GUI application for visual exploration of GO termenrichments

Cha, JI-Young/0000-0002-8557-6214; Lee, Sanghyuk; Cha, Ji-Young; Kim, Hyeonjin; Yu, Ungsik- - - (2012)

Prevalence and Risk Factors for Atopic Dermatitis: A Cross-sectionalStudy of 6,453 Korean Preschool Children

Kim, Jin-Wou/0000-0002-4171-3803; Choi, Won Jun; Ko, Joo Yeon; Kim, Jin Wou; Lee, Kwang Hoon; Park, Chun Wook; Kim, Kyu Han; Kim, Myeung Nam; Lee, Ai Young; Cho, Sang Hyun; Park, Young Lip; Choi, Jee Ho; Seo, Seong Jun; Lee, Yang Won; Roh, Joo Young; Park, Young Min; Kim, Dong Jae; Ro, Young Suck- - - (2012)

Building Environment Analysis based on Temperature and Humidity forSmart Energy Systems

Yun, Jaeseok; Won, Kwang-Ho- - - (2012)

Good Glycemic Control Is Associated with Better Survival in DiabeticPatients on Peritoneal Dialysis: A Prospective Observational Study

Han, Seung Hyeok/0000-0001-7923-5635; Lee, Mi Jung/0000-0001-8888-029X; Yoo, Dong Eun; Park, Jung Tak; Oh, Hyung Jung; Kim, Seung Jun; Lee, Mi Jung; Shin, Dong Ho; Han, Seung Hyeok; Yoo, Tae-Hyun; Choi, Kyu Hun; Kang, Shin-Wook- - - (2012)

Prevention and Therapy of Hepatocellular Carcinoma by Vaccination withTM4SF5 Epitope-CpG-DNA-Liposome Complex without Carriers

Kwon, Sanghoon; Kim, Dongbum; Park, Byoung Kwon; Cho, Sunhee; Kim, Kwang Dong; Kim, Young-Eun; Park, Cheung-Seog; Ahn, Hyun-Jong; Seo, Jae-Nam; Choi, Kyung-Chan; Kim, Doo-Sik; Lee, Younghee; Kwon, Hyung-Joo- - - (2012)

CA(5W1H)Onto: Ontological Context-Aware Model Based on 5W1H

Kim, Jeong-Dong; Son, Jiseong; Baik, Doo-Kwon- - - (2012)

GPR-Based Landmine Detection and Identification Using Multiple Features

Ko, Kwang Hee; Jang, Gyubin; Park, Kyungmi; Kim, Kangwook- - - (2012)