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Suppression of Sin3A activity promotes differentiation of pluripotentcells into functional neurons

Halder, Debasish; Lee, Chang-Hee; Hyun, Ji Young; Chang, Gyeong-Eon; Cheong, Eunji; Shin, Injae- - - (2017)

Suppression of Osteoclastogenesis by Melatonin: A MelatoninReceptor-Independent Action

Kim, Hyung Joon; Kim, Ha Jin; Bae, Moon-Kyoung; Kim, Yong-Deok- - - (2017)

Suppression of NFAT5-mediated Inflammation and Chronic Arthritis byNovel.B-binding Inhibitors

Han, Eun-Jin; Kim, Hyun Young; Lee, Naeun; Kim, Nam-Hoon; Yoo, Seung-Ah; Kwon, H. Moo; Jue, Dae-Myung; Park, Yune-Jung; Cho, Chul-Soo; Tran Quang De; Jeong, Dae Young; Lim, Hee-Jong; Park, Woo Kyu; Lee, Ge Hyeong; Cho, Heeyeong; Kim, Wan-Uk- - - (2017)

Suppression of Hepatic Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition by Melittinvia Blocking of TGF beta/Smad and MAPK-JNK Signaling Pathways

Park, Ji-Hyun; Park, Byoungduck; Park, Kwan-Kyu- - - (2017)

Suppression of adiponectin receptor 1 promotes memory dysfunction andAlzheimer's disease-like pathologies

Kim, Min Woo; Bin Abid, Noman; Jo, Myeong Hoon; Jo, Min Gi; Yoon, Gwang Ho; Kim, Myeong Ok- - - (2017)

Suppressed Band Characteristics of an UWB Conical Monopole Antenna withSplit Loops Based on the Equivalent Circuit

Jang, Eun-Seok; Kim, Che-Young; Yang, Dae-Geun; Hong, Sung-Su- - - (2017)

Support for Sustainable Use of Personal Health Records: Understandingthe Needs of Users as a First Step Towards Patient-Driven Mobile Health

Yoo, Sooyoung/0000-0001-8620-4925; Kim, Jeehyoung/0000-0003-3380-1683; Jung, Se Young; Lee, Keehyuck; Hwang, Hee; Yoo, Sooyoung; Baek, Hyun Young; Kim, Jeehyoung- - - (2017)

Supersonically Spray-Coated Colloidal Quantum Dot Ink Solar Cells

Mai, Xuan-Dung/0000-0002-6732-3694; BEARD, MATTHEW/0000-0002-2711-1355;; Jeong, Sohee/0000-0002-9863-1374; Choi, Hyekyoung; Lee, Jong-Gun; Mai, Xuan Dung; Beard, Matthew C.; Yoon, Sam S.; Jeong, Sohee- - - (2017)

Superplasticity in a lean Fe-Mn-Al steel

Kawasaki, Megumi/0000-0003-0028-3007; Han, Jeongho; Kang, Seok-Hyeon; Lee, Seung-Joon; Kawasaki, Megumi; Lee, Han-Joo; Ponge, Dirk; Raabe, Dierk; Lee, Young-Kook- - - (2017)

Superoxide stability for reversible Na-O-2 electrochemistry

Kang, Kisuk/0000-0002-8696-1886; Kang, Seok Ju/0000-0002-9921-6674; Dilimon, V. S.; Hwang, Chihyun; Cho, Yoon-Gyo; Yang, Juchan; Lim, Hee-Dae; Kang, Kisuk; Kang, Seok Ju; Song, Hyun-Kon- - - (2017)

Superior Pre-Osteoblast Cell Response of Etched Ultrafine-GrainedTitanium with a Controlled Crystallographic Orientation

Kim, Hyoung Seop/0000-0002-3155-583X; Baek, Seung Mi; Shin, Myeong Hwan; Moon, Jongun; Jung, Ho Sang; Lee, See Am; Hwang, WoonBong; Yeom, Jong Taek; Hahn, Sei Kwang; Kim, Hyoung Seop- - - (2017)

Supercritical Fluid Extraction of Citrus iyo Hort. ex Tanaka PericarpInhibits Growth and Induces Apoptosis Through Abrogation of STAT3Regulated Gene Products in Human Prostate Cancer Xenograft Mouse Model

Lee, Seok-Geun/0000-0002-0060-5777; Kim, Chulwon; Lee, Il Ho; Hyun, Ho Bong; Kim, Jong-Chan; Gyawali, Rajendra; Lee, Seok-Geun; Lee, Junhee; Kim, Sung-Hoon; Shim, Bum Sang; Cho, Somi K.; Ahn, Kwang Seok- - - (2017)

Superconductivity in two-dimensional ferromagnetic MnB

Farooq, M. Umar; Hashmi, Arqum; Khan, Imran; Hong, Jisang- - - (2017)

Superaerophobic graphene nano-hills for direct hydrazine fuel cells

Lee, Zonghoon/0000-0003-3246-4072; Yi, Yeonjin/0000-0003-4944-8319; Akbar, Kamran; Kim, Jung Hwa; Lee, Zonghoon; Kim, Minsoo; Yi, Yeonjin; Chun, Seung-Hyun- - - (2017)

Summer Season Water Temperature Modeling under the Climate Change: CaseStudy for Fourchue River, Quebec, Canada

Kwak, Jaewon; St-Hilaire, Andre; Chebana, Fateh; Kim, Gilho- - - (2017)

Sulfate and Calcium Chloride Resistance of Steel/Glass Fiber-ReinforcedPolymer Hybrid Panel for Improved Movable Weir Application

Lee, S. -K.; Yoo, S. -Y.; Park, C. -G.- - - (2017)

Sugary Endosperm is Modulated by Starch Branching Enzyme IIa in Rice(Oryza sativa L.)

Lee, Yunjoo; Choi, Min-Seon; Lee, Gileung; Jang, Su; Yoon, Mi-Ra; Kim, Backki; Piao, Rihua; Woo, Mi-Ok; Chin, Joong Hyoun; Koh, Hee-Jong- - - (2017)

Succinate promotes stem cell migration through the GPR91-dependentregulation of DRP1-mediated mitochondrial fission

Han, Ho Jae/0000-0002-0657-1766; Ko, So Hee; Choi, Gee Euhn; Oh, Ji Young; Lee, Hyun Jik; Kim, Jun Sung; Chae, Chang Woo; Choi, Diana; Han, Ho Jae- - - (2017)

Substrate Partitioning Scheme for Compact Charge Modeling of MultigateMOSFETs

Hong, Sung-Min; Park, Junsung- - - (2017)

Substitution of ethambutol with linezolid during the intensive phase oftreatment of pulmonary tuberculosis: study protocol for a prospective,multicenter, randomized, open-label, phase II trial

Lee, Ji Yeon; Kim, Deog Kyeom; Lee, Jung-Kyu; Il Yoon, Ho; Jeong, Ina; Heo, Eunyoung; Park, Young Sik; Lee, Jae Ho; Park, Sung Soo; Lee, Sang-Min; Lee, Chang-Hoon; Lee, Jinwoo; Choi, Sun Mi; Park, Jong Sun; Joh, Joon-Sung; Cho, Young-Jae; Lee, Yeon Joo; Kim, Se Joong; Hwang, Young Ran; Kim, Hyeonjeong; Ki, Jongeun; Choi, Hyungsook; Han, Jiyeon; Ahn, Heejung; Hahn, Seokyung; Yim, Jae-Joon- - - (2017)