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Theory of optimal balance predicts and explains the amplitude and decaytime of synaptic inhibition

Kim, Jaekyung K.; Fiorillo, Christopher D.- - - (2017)

Theoretical investigations on microwave Fano resonances in 3D-printablehollow dielectric resonators

Jun, Young Chul/0000-0002-7578-8811; Lee, Eunsongyi; Seo, In Cheol; Jeong, Hoon Yeub; An, Soo-Chan; Jun, Young Chul- - - (2017)

The trisaccharide raffinose modulates epidermal differentiation throughactivation of liver X receptor

Na, Tae-Young; Kim, Gyeong-Hwan; Oh, Hyeon-Jeong; Lee, Min-Ho; Han, Yong-Hyun; Kim, Ki Taek; Kim, Ji-Su; Kim, Dae-Duk; Lee, Mi-Ock- - - (2017)

The treatment outcomes and the use of adjuvant therapies in breastcancer patients with severe co-morbidities

Moon, Hyeong-Gon/0000-0002-9981-0286; Han, Jaihong; Lee, Han-Byoel; Lee, Eun-Shin; Kang, Young Joon; Kim, Yumi; Choi, Jihye; Rhu, Jiyoung; Shin, Hee-Chul; Han, Wonshik; Noh, Dong-Young; Moon, Hyeong-Gon- - - (2017)

The topical application of low-temperature argon plasma enhances theanti-inflammatory effect of Jaun-ointment on DNCB-induced NC/Nga mice

Choi, Jeong-Hae; Song, Yeon-Suk; Lee, Hae-June; Kim, Gyoo-Cheon; Hong, Jin-Woo- - - (2017)

The Tnfaip8-PE complex is a novel upstream effector in theantiautophagic action of insulin

Kim, Ji-Soo; Park, Jimin; Kim, Mi-Sun; Ha, Ji-Young; Jang, Ye-Won; Shin, Dong Hae; Son, Jin H.- - - (2017)

The structural basis of a high affinity ATP binding epsilon subunit froma bacterial ATP synthase

Krah, Alexander/0000-0001-8871-5550; Krah, Alexander; Kato-Yamada, Yasuyuki; Takada, Shoji- - - (2017)

The structural and magnetic properties of dual phase cobalt ferrite

Naushad, Mu/0000-0001-6056-587X; Jadhav, Santosh/0000-0003-4252-6791; Gore, Shyam K.; Jadhav, Santosh S.; Jadhav, Vijaykumar V.; Patange, S. M.; Naushad, Mu.; Mane, Rajaram S.; Kim, Kwang Ho- - - (2017)

The stratification of patient risk depending on the size and ratio ofmetastatic lymph nodes in papillary thyroid carcinoma

Lim, Dong Jun/0000-0003-0995-6482; Jung, Chan Kwon/0000-0001-6843-3708; Hong, Young Ran; Lee, So Hee; Lim, Dong Jun; Kim, Min Hee; Jung, Chan Kwon; Chae, Byung Joo; Song, Byung Joo; Bae, Ja Seong- - - (2017)

The Short Isoform of DNAJB6 Protects against 1-Methyl-4-phenylpridiniumIon-Induced Apoptosis in LN18 Cells via Inhibiting Both ROS Formationand Mitochondrial Membrane Potential Loss

Lim, Sabina/0000-0003-0509-6681; Lee, Seo-Yeon/0000-0002-2503-1204; Hong, Yeon-Mi; Hong, Yohan; Choi, Yeong-Gon; Yeo, Sujung; Jin, Soo Hee; Lee, Sae-Won; Sung, Backil; Lee, Sook-Hyun; Jung, Hyejin; Lim, Sabina- - - (2017)

The self-activated radical doping effects on the catalyzed surface ofamorphous metal oxide films

Kim, Hyun Jae/0000-0002-6879-9256; Kim, Hong Jae; Tak, Young Jun; Park, Sung Pyo; Na, Jae Won; Kim, Yeong-gyu; Hong, Seonghwan; Kim, Pyeong Hun; Kim, Geon Tae; Kim, Byeong Koo; Kim, Hyun Jae- - - (2017)

The Root Extract of Pueraria lobata and Its Main Compound, Puerarin,Prevent Obesity by Increasing the Energy Metabolism in Skeletal Muscle

Jung, Hyo Won; Kang, An Na; Kang, Seok Yong; Park, Yong-Ki; Song, Mi Young- - - (2017)

The role of the FliD C-terminal domain in pentamer formation andinteraction with FliT

Kim, Hee Jung; Yoo, Woongjae; Jin, Kyeong Sik; Ryu, Sangryeol; Lee, Hyung Ho- - - (2017)

The role of myosin II in glioma invasion: A mathematical model

Lee, Wanho; Lim, Sookkyung; Kim, Yangjin- - - (2017)

The Role of Free Radicals in Hemolytic Toxicity Induced byAtmospheric-Pressure Plasma Jet

Choi, Eun Ha/0000-0001-5385-1878; Baik, Ku Youn; Huh, Yoon Ho; Kim, Yong Hee; Kim, Jeongho; Kim, Min Su; Park, Hun-Kuk; Choi, Eun Ha; Park, Byoungchoo- - - (2017)

The role of CREB3L4 in the proliferation of prostate cancer cells

Kim, Tae-Hyun; Park, Joo-Man; Kim, Mi-Young; Ahn, Yong-Ho- - - (2017)

The Role of Charge Balance and Excited State Levels on DevicePerformance of Exciplex-based Phosphorescent Organic Light EmittingDiodes

LEE, KWAN/0000-0002-8269-6579; Lee, Sangyeob/0000-0002-9957-990X; Lee, Sangyeob; Koo, Hyun; Kwon, Ohyun; Park, Young Jae; Choi, Hyeonho; Lee, Kwan; Ahn, Byungmin; Park, Young Min- - - (2017)

The Risk of Being Obese According to Short Sleep Duration Is Modulatedafter Menopause in Korean Women

Kim, Yangha/0000-0002-7280-7597; Doo, Miae; Kim, Yangha- - - (2017)

The rice OsNAC6 transcription factor orchestrates multiple molecularmechanisms involving root structural adaptions and nicotianaminebiosynthesis for drought tolerance

Lee, Dong-Keun; Chung, Pil Joong; Jeong, Jin Seo; Jang, Geupil; Bang, Seung Woon; Jung, Harin; Kim, Youn Shic; Ha, Sun-Hwa; Choi, Yang Do; Kim, Ju-Kon- - - (2017)

The Retinal Pigment Epithelium Is a Notch Signaling Niche in the MouseRetina

KIM, JIN WOO/0000-0003-0767-1918; Yoon, Keejung/0000-0002-2361-9039; Ha, Taejeong; Moon, Kyeong Hwan; Dai, Le; Hatakeyama, Jun; Yoon, Keejung; Park, Hee-Sae; Kong, Young-Yoon; Shimamura, Kenji; Kim, Jin Woo- - - (2017)