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ZnO@C (core@ shell) microspheres derived from spent coffee grounds asapplicable non-precious electrode material for DMFCs

Kim, Hak Yong/0000-0002-4133-124X; Ghouri, Zafar Khan; Al-Meer, Saeed; Barakat, Nasser A. M.; Kim, Hak Yong- - - (2017)

Zinc-dependent regulation of zinc import and export genes by Zur

Choi, Seung-Hwan; Lee, Kang-Lok; Shin, Jung-Ho; Cho, Yoo-Bok; Cha, Sun-Shin; Roe, Jung-Hye- - - (2017)

Zinc(II) ion promotes anti-inflammatory effects of rhSOD3 by increasingcellular association

Kim, Younghwa; Jeon, Yoon-Jae; Ryu, Kang; Kim, Tae-Yoon- - - (2017)

Zinc finger protein 143 expression is closely related to tumormalignancy via regulating cell motility in breast cancer

Paek, A. Rome; Mun, Ji Young; Hong, Kyeong-Man; Lee, Jongkeun; Hong, Dong Wan; You, Hye Jin- - - (2017)

Zebrafish as an animal model in epilepsy studies with multichannel EEGrecordings

Cho, Sung-Joon; Byun, Donghak; Nam, Tai-Seung; Choi, Seok-Yong; Lee, Byung-Geun; Kim, Myeong-Kyu; Kim, Sohee- - - (2017)

YY-1224, a terpene trilactone-strengthened Ginkgo biloba, attenuatesneurodegenerative changes induced by beta-amyloid (1-42) or doubletransgenic overexpression of APP and PS1 via inhibition ofcyclooxygenase-2

Li, Zheng-Yi; Chung, Yoon Hee; Shin, Eun-Joo; Dang, Duy-Khanh; Jeong, Ji Hoon; Ko, Sung Kwon; Nah, Seung-Yeol; Baik, Tae Gon; Jhoo, Jin Hyeong; Ong, Wei-Yi; Nabeshima, Toshitaka; Kim, Hyoung-Chun- - - (2017)

Yttrium Copper Titanate as a Highly Efficient Electrocatalyst for OxygenReduction Reaction in Fuel Cells, Synthesized via Ultrafast AutomaticFlame Technique

Singh, Satendra Pal/0000-0001-8526-3923;; Singh, Laxman; Azad, Uday Pratap; Singh, Satendra Pal; Ganesan, Vellaichamy; Rai, U. S.; Lee, Youngil- - - (2017)

Yellow-red light-emitting diodes using periodic Ga-flow interruptionduring deposition of InGaN well

Lee, Kwanjae; Lee, Hamin; Lee, Cheul-Ro; Chung, Tae-Hoon; Kim, Yoon Seok; Leem, Jae-Young; Jeong, Kwang-Un; Kim, Jin Soo- - - (2017)

Work Function Tuning in Two-Dimensional MoS2 Field-Effect-Transistorswith Graphene and Titanium Source-Drain Contacts

Choi, Hyoung Joon/0000-0001-8565-8597; Baik, Seung Su; Im, Seongil; Choi, Hyoung Joon- - - (2017)

Word-of-Mouth of Cultural Products through Institutional Social Networks

Ahn, Hyung Jun/0000-0003-1431-7159; Lee, Eun Ea; Kang, Hyunjeong; Ahn, Hyung Jun- - - (2017)

Wogonin suppresses stem cell-like traits of CD133 positive osteosarcomacell via inhibiting matrix metallopeptidase-9 expression

Do Luong Huynh; Kwon, Taeho; Zhang, Jiao Jiao; Sharma, Neelesh; Gera, Meeta; Ghosh, Mrinmoy; Kim, Nameun; Cho, Somi Kim; Lee, Dong Sun; Park, Yang Ho; Jeong, Dong Kee- - - (2017)

WNT5A Correlates with Clinicopathological Characteristics in GastricCancer: a Meta-Analysis

Nam, Seungyoon; Chung, Jun-Won; Yang, Jun-Young- - - (2017)

Wire Optimization and Delay Reduction for High-Performance on-ChipInterconnection in GALS Systems

Oh, Myeong-Hoon; Kim, Young Woo; Kim, Hag Young; Kim, Young-Kyun; Kim, Jin-Sung- - - (2017)

WIG1 is crucial for AGO2-mediated ACOT7 mRNA silencing viamiRNA-dependent and -independent mechanisms

Lee, Hyung Chul; Jung, Seung Hee; Hwang, Hyun Jung; Kang, Donghee; De, Supriyo; Dudekula, Dawood B.; Martindale, Jennifer L.; Park, Byungkyu; Park, Seung Kuk; Lee, Eun Kyung; Lee, Jeong-Hwa; Jeong, Sunjoo; Han, Kyungsook; Park, Heon Joo; Ko, Young-Gyu; Gorospe, Myriam; Lee, Jae-Seon- - - (2017)

Wide-Range Probing of Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya Interaction

Kim, Duck-Ho; Yoo, Sang-Cheol; Kim, Dae-Yun; Min, Byoung-Chul; Choe, Sug-Bong- - - (2017)

Wide-gamut plasmonic color filters using a complementary design method

Lee, Seon Uk; Ju, Byeong-Kwon- - - (2017)

Wideband Circularly Polarized Spidron Fractal Slot Antenna with anEmbedded Patch

Altaf, Amir; Yang, Youngoo; Lee, Kang-Yoon; Hwang, Keum Cheol- - - (2017)

Wide and fast focus-tunable dielectro-optofluidic lens via pinning ofthe interface of aqueous and dielectric liquids

Kim, Wonkyoung; Yang, Hee Chan; Kim, Dong Sung- - - (2017)

Whole genome scan reveals the genetic signature of African Ankole cattlebreed and potential for higher quality beef

Taye, Mengistie/0000-0001-6795-9943; Taye, Mengistie; Kim, Jaemin; Yoon, Sook Hee; Lee, Wonseok; Hanotte, Olivier; Dessie, Tadelle; Kemp, Stephen; Mwai, Okeyo Ally; Caetano-Anolles, Kelsey; Cho, Seoae; Oh, Sung Jong; Lee, Hak-Kyo; Kim, Heebal- - - (2017)

Whole brain volume changes and its correlation with clinical symptomseverity in patients with schizophrenia: A DARTEL-based VBM study

Kim, Gwang-Won; Kim, Yun-Hyeon; Jeong, Gwang-Woo- - - (2017)